Suraj Mandal

Developer > Intrested In JavaScript • Linux • C
C++ • Python • Tea.
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My projects
  • Elementary-x

    ✤ Gtk theme for elementary OS.

  • Pubg Tournament Site
    Pubg Tournament Website

    🎉 Made website for a tournament we held

  • Gtk theming guide
    Gtk Theming Guide

    ☕ Documentation for themeing gtk widgets and looks.

  • Elegant sddm theme
    Elegant sddm theme

    ☯ A beautiful theme for sddm login manager

  • GoHugo Potato dark theme
    GoHugo Potato dark theme

    ☯ A beautiful and elegent dark blog theme for gohugo.

  • Resume-fy
    [wip] Resume-fy

    📜 Makes it quick and easy to make cool resume and resume as pdf or json.